Case Summaries

Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Dolly Accident

by Dean Pavick on January 30, 2018

Our client was a 34 year old  employee who was delivering an unassembled pool table to a customer’s house. As the employee and a co-worker were transporting the pool table down the basement steps on a dolly, the heavy slate table suddenly came forward striking the employee on a lower step, causing him to fall […]


Our client was a 43 year old woman who stopped by a customer’s office to drop off several ordered items on her way into work. Although our client had a business office, she also would occasionally make visits to customers’ homes or business establishments. After our client left the customer’s office, her automobile was rear-ended […]


Personal Injury/Property/Chainsaw Accident

by Dean Pavick on October 30, 2017

Our client was a 56 year old man who was using a chainsaw to cut up fallen trees and branches lying on the ground of a woods in Portage County owned by his uncle. His uncle was also using a chainsaw nearby. Suddenly, a large limb fell directly on our client.The client sustained multiple compression fractures […]


Our client was a 56 year old male who worked for over an hour repairing an outside ventilation system on an extremely cold day. The worker came inside and took a hot shower. Shortly thereafter he collapsed and died of a heart attack. The autopsy report listed the immediate cause of death as a myocardial infarction […]


Our client was a 24 year old female who was operating a punch press which “double tripped” resulting in an amputation of her right hand.The press had a history of irregular cycles.The employer improperly adjusted the pull-back safety devices so that the employee’s hand was not sufficiently withdrawn from the moving upper die which directly […]


Our client was a 42 year old male who slipped on grease at work and fell severely twisting his low back and right knee. The claim was initially allowed for sprains of the low back and right knee.An MRI of the lumbar spine revealed degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the L4-L5 and L5-S1.We eventually […]