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We recently received a phone call from a young man(we’ll call “Joe”) from Akron who was injured several months ago when he fell off of an extension ladder which suddenly shifted on him. Joe suffered multiple fractures and is expected to be off work at least one year. Joe was working alone at the time […]


Gradual Injury in Ohio Workers Compensation Claim

by Dean Pavick on October 16, 2012

We recently represented a young man who came to us after the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation disallowed his workers compensation claim. The BWC order stated that the injured worker did not sustain a compensable injury in the course of and arising out of his employment.The client had been working on a project for the […]


Twenty-first century internet access to Ohio workers compensation documents, information and forms has given injured workers powerful tools to assist them in processing their workers compensation claims. No longer does the claimant generally have to go down to the local BWC office and file a claim application, personally file documents or review their paper claim […]


On 4/17/2012 H.B.No.517 was introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives.Considering that most legislation in the area of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law over the last two decades has significantly eroded the rights of Ohio injured workers,it is not surprising that the highly partisan and pro big business forces are at it again.On the “bad’ side, […]


In 2012, more than 3.3 million people are nationally expected to file for social security disability benefits.This represents a 50% increase in workers’ social security disability and SSI applications from a decade ago.In 2011,the Social Security Administration denied over two-thirds of filed disability claims on initial determination. A claimant has 60 days from receipt of […]


Recently, the Ohio BWC LSS Executive Committee authorized partial settlement of Ohio workers compensation claims involving state fund claims.This is good news for injured workers who might be interested in settling the compensation portion of the injury claim but who need to keep the claim open for payment of future medical treatments by the BWC.In […]


In the previous blog we discussed pre-existing conditions diagnosed in an Ohio workers compensation claim. If the work-related injury occurred on or after 6-30-06 R.C. 4123.01(C)(4) states that an injury does not include a condition that pre-existed an injury unless that pre-existing condition is substantially aggravated by the injury..Such a substantial aggravation must be documented […]

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In 2008, Dewayne Sutton suffered a work injury in Ohio and reported the injury to his employer who  fired him  within one hour  without any given reasons and before the terminated employee could file a workers compensation claim. Mr Sutton’s Ohio workers comp claim was eventually allowed. He thereafter filed a lawsuit against his former […]


Most wage earners know that they will receive greater social security monthly retirement benefits by waiting until age 66 rather than electing to receive early social security retirement benefits at age 62. Early retirement benefits are paid at a permanently reduced rate. In contrast, a disabled person who is awarded social security disability benefits (disability […]


Awards Lower in Ohio Personal Injury Auto Accidents

by michael on February 21, 2011

Let’s say you were involved in a medium impact rear-end automobile accident in Akron Ohio. There was minor visible damage to your car. You suffered a neck sprain and low back strain and had no prior neck or low back problems.You were treated at the emergency room with x-rays taken, treated by your family doctor, underwent […]