Considerations In Choosing An Attorney

by Dean Pavick on February 15, 2014

In Ohio, any Akron Attorney who has graduated from an accredited law school and passed the Ohio bar exam, can hold himself/herself out as a personal injury attorney, automobile accident attorney, medical malpractice lawyer or workers compensation lawyer. There are no certification requirements. An attorney can become a certified workers compensation specialist in Ohio. However, such certification is usually more important for defense lawyers who represent large companies and employers as it provides a certain level of prestige at the corporate level. For injured people and injured workers, the most important considerations for choosing an attorney are experience, a good client-attorney relationship, professional integrity, and achieved results.

Bigger is not necessarily better as far as choosing an attorney. Many of the best personal injury attorneys in the United States come from small law firms. Lawyers with the biggest advertising budgets are not necessarily the best lawyers in the business. For example, an attorney engaged in a general law practice who refers a personal injury case to an experienced lawyer and receives a one million dollar co-counsel fee, can turn around and buy a million dollars of advertising on TV seeking personal injury cases. A lawyer who comes from a wealthy family background can sink a fortune into advertising for personal injury, medical malpractice and workers compensation cases. As a general rule, the best attorneys obtain most of their clients from referrals from previously satisfied clients. A satisfied client is the best advertisement for an attorney.


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