Personal Injury/Workers Compensation-Subcontractor Negligence

by Dean Pavick on October 28, 2018

Our client was a 28 year old married male whose foreman instructed him to go up on the roof  of a condominium unit under construction to sweep away some freshly fallen snow before other roofers arrived for work. Unbeknownst to our client and his supervisor, employees working for another subcontractor had cut holes in the roof the previous late afternoon for eventual installment of skylights.The holes were then temporarily covered and fastened down with plastic tarps which were concealed by the fallen snow so that the roof appeared to be entirely solid.Our client fell through one of these openings and suffered lumbar spinal fractures, fractured pelvis, fractured ankles and internal injuries.An Ohio workers’ compensation claim was allowed by the BWC. After multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation our client returned to different employment as a building cost estimator.Although our client made a “remarkable” recovery from his injuries,he still suffered permanent disability  including a shortened leg.We filed for and obtained a residual disability award in the workers’ compensation claim. Additionally, a third party personal injury lawsuit was filed against several defendants including the other subcontractor. Several days prior to trial, the personal injury case was settled for $675,000.

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