Workers Compensation-Diabetes-PTD-Death Claim

by Dean Pavick on February 15, 2018

Our client was a truck driver who struck his left foot and big toe while on the job.The claim was initially allowed by the BWC for a contusion(bruise) of the left foot.The client developed a foot ulceration and eventually gangrene leading to a surgical amputation of the big toe.Following litigation, the claim was additionally allowed for aggravation of pre-existing diabetes mellitus. Thereafter, the client underwent surgical amputation of his left leg.and a loss of leg award was granted by the Industrial Commission. The client’s vision worsened and evidence was developed leading to additional allowance for bilateral diabetic retinopathy and an award for loss of vision.A Motion for Permanent Total Disability was subsequently granted to receive lifetime compensation payments.The client eventually died of a heart attack and evidence was developed to support the Industrial Commission allowing the widow’s death claim.


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