Workers Compensation-Personal Injury-Severe Burns-Permanent Total Disability

by Dean Pavick on February 20, 2019

Akron, Ohio 3-in-1 Ohio Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, and Permanent Total Disability Case

Our client (Pavick & Pavick LPA) was a 38 year old boilermaker mechanic who went on to the premise of an electric company to make repairs. While working in a boiler drum repairing economizer tubes, he was suddenly and unexpectedly scalded by steam and hot water. He was transported to a local hospital and placed in the burn unit where he remained for two months being treated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body. At the hospital the client was first diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and later a burn ulcer of the left eye and a perforated eardrum.We thereafter filed a motion for additional allowance of these conditions which was granted by the Industrial Commission.Eventually, we filed for permanent total disability in the workers compensation claim. Despite the fact that the state doctors found that our client could perform sedentary work,we were successfully able to persuade the Industrial Commission to award permanent total disability compensation to be paid over our client’s lifetime.We  also filed a third-party negligence lawsuit against the electric company. Liability was denied. At a discovery deposition, an engineer-employee of the defendant was cross-examined pertaining to “cross-over” pipes on a blue print diagram. The engineer agreed that it was likely that the only way hot steam could enter the boiler drum in which our client was working was if an employee of the electric company inadvertently turned the wheel valve controlling the cross-over pipes. The case was ultimately settled for


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